Saturday, May 31, 2008

Geek Gangsta signs

Found this over at

Ft. Lauderdale History in the junk yard

Found these old Mc Arthur Dairy trucks sitting over at U pullit auto salvage

Very interesting concept mobile crane by Jiri Kubec

Found a very interesting concept Mobile. Here's a picture of the Crane and link to the site

Information from the site:

As cranes go, they either get the job done or don’t. Not much progress has been made in the past 50 years with crane development. Most of the evolutionary focus has been on lift capabilities and reach. “LYNX” - mobile crane by Jiri Kubec is a revolutionary concept in the way it treats the driver/operator. This concept integrates a control cabin with not only unobstructed views, but the ability to raise up to 8.5 metres high for better project surveillance and maneuverability. With an 80 tons lifting capacity, steering and crane functions controlled via joystick and pedals utilizing drive-by-wire technology, this crane is sure to reduce accidents, make jobs a little easier and capture the imaginations of children everywhere

I really wish one of the model companies would wake up and make a kit of a crane, I know there are quite a few scratchbuilt ones out there but a kit would be great

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Found some cool links.

First off I want to make mention of one of the best sites I have ever found Where they get the stuff thy do I wish I knew

The amazing Extravagant Designs Aerodynamic Planes, Trains and (more) Automobiles by Luigi Colani

Worlds smallest cars

Amazing Russian Futuristic illustrations

Last but not least a true model of the RMS Titanic model kit designed off the original blueprints and detailed drawing. Hope you got deep pockets

If you can't spend that kinda money you can always build a Titanic model on a little smaller budget.

Revell makes a very nice Titanic in 1/57 scale. There is also a 1/400 R.M.S. TITANIC this is a massive kit but looks very nice

Friday, May 23, 2008

DEA Blackhawk Helicopter

This is the Chopper that flew over Giants stadium with the american flag attached to it September 5, 2002 the crowd went wild. The powerful UH-60L Black Hawk is the current production model of the U.S.Army's rugged air assault and utility transport helicopter. More than 1,600 UH-60s have been delivered to the U.S.Army so far, and more than 400 Black Hawks serve the armed forces of countries from Australia to Turkey. Production deliveries of the UH-60 to U.S.Army began in October 1978. The Black Hawk first went into combat in Operation Urgent Fury, the invasion of Grenada in October 1983. In the fierce battle to stabilize the Caribbean island, the heavy-duty control components, redundant control runs, and self-sealing fuel tanks of the Black Hawk proved their value.

This is my version of what a DEA Blackhawk intercepter would look like. I have no idea if the DEA even uses blackhawks. This the Academy 1/35 scale UH-60L. The decals where custom made on a alps printer. Unfortunatly this model did not make it threw the last move.

Jagermeister Alfa Romeo

This is the Tamiya 1/24 scale Jägermeister Alfa Romeo. In 1993, theAlfa Romeo firm of Italy entered their 155 V6 Ti racing machine in the DTM: The teams overwhelming performance along with the cars spectacular achievements, dominated the 1993 season and won the DTM
constructor’s and driver’s titles. For the 1994 season, Alfa Romeo further tuned the 155 V6 Ti, in an attempt to counter the growing fleet of Mercedes-AMG C-Class machines. The Schübel Engineering racing team of Germany entered three ´94 models and one with´93 specifications.
Jägermeister, a German distillery, which is well known among motorsports fans for their deep involvement in motorsports, sponsored the ´93 spec 155 V6 Ti.


This is a real nice model. The build was a breeze typical Tamiya Quality. I painted this with Tamiya Orange right out of the can.

Welcome too my new blog

As the title says 2manyhobbies. I'm pretty sure we all have too many hobbies at times. I'm not saying this is a bad thing, but sometimes we all go overboard. So this Blog is dedicated to that. Here's a list of my hobbies.

  1. Model Building
  2. Computers
  3. Computer Gaming (This one is kinda on hold as the games just are not there nor is my laptop really gaming worthy right now)
  4. Gadgets (Love em just can't afford em)
  5. Beta software
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  7. Digg I just can't stay off that damn website

There is more I'm sure but I don't want to look like a total nut hehe. So sit back enjoy and don't forget to bookmark this page. I got lots to post.

P.S. If you ever saw the modeltruckmafia website with all the truck models that's my old site and I will be posting those pictures also. I know longer own this domain nor have any involvement with whats there now.